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There's a lot here...and growing!

Beanie Babies
Yes, I saw Chocolate The Moose and was hooked :-)
Get your daily Beanie fix here!


A new section which I set up since May 3, 1999 - the day it hit.


Herbs/Herbal Lore
Health is a changing field these days
as even Medical Schools are beginning
to pay attention to spirituality. Here
is a list of herbs and their healing properties.


Links, Cards, Historical Background,
Astrological info, my Holiday BGs,
Borders, and great Fonts ++
Start with this month, and go the whole year!


HTML Tutorial
Three years ago I didn't even know what HTML
stood for but I came to find out that I like
playing with the code. I'm no expert by any
stretch, but here is a basic tutorial that
may help you out.


The Planets
Ah, my first love. Here I have put
together mythological info, astronomical data,
and associated astrological info.
Full Moon Names


Sweepstakes & Freebies
Win Online!
I have - so can you.


Critters BookStore
Books, Videos, and Music
for Classic Hollywood, TDESS, XFiles,
Native America, Miami Vice....


I am gathering just a few applets to offer.
I got the idea when I was hunting all over for
that Lake applet. I found it and finally got it to
work and that one is now up along with a couple more.
All of them are free for non-commercial use.


I have been gathering these quips and
wisdoms for over a year. They will
make you smile and nod your head.


Believing that we "are what we eat"
I have compiled the latest info.


X-Files Goodies
Since the very first episode I have watched
this show and knew it would be a "keeper".
I have 2 megs of great stuff: Snappy pix,
character bios, four seasons of great print ads
for the show, X-Files movie posters --
and a whole collection of my backgrounds,
borders, banners, and icons.




Webster's Dictionary Meaning Lookup:






Lots of great sites to see, some of
which are mine - remember, I am
a Web-Nut!


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