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Feb 25, 2000 - Day One
I was so excited. I had waited for this day for over a week - just to see you and to take you home with me. And there you were, a fluffball on Teresa's lap. You didn't know what was going on and were probably a bit scared, but I was so happy to finally hold you.
When we got home, you wolfed down some food and drank some cool water and proceeded to play - puppy play. There were lots of naps inbetween all that play. You were really good about going outside, but I had to watch you constantly to get you out the door.
I did get quite a few photos of you - because everyone was waiting for them!
When bedtime came, I put you on the bed with me and hoped we could get a little rest. How did you get to be such a noisy sleeper? Grunting and groaning, moving about, next to me, on top of me, chewing my hand, pulling my hair - I am exhausted!

Feb 26, 2000
I think I am too old for this - I am SO tired.
We got up at 5:30 (not that I slept any) and you ate and went out. You hung onto Daddy's pajama legs and chewed his feet - he was not thrilled. Then came playtime and a nap - and more pictures. I tried to get some work done while you slept, but your naps were short and I had to get you outside when you woke up, so the day went slowly. I even tried laying down on your bed with you and you snuggled up, nose to nose, and slept.
I last fed you at 6pm and am waiting for you to get up in a little while so you can poop. Will you let me sleep a little tonight? Please?

Feb 27, 2000
I finally got some sleep!...although I should not have given Shiloh that water at midnight. I could not bear to see her thirsty and thought she would just wake me in an hour, but what I didn't know, is that Shiloh changed her "territory." Her sleeping area became my pillow or cuddled up next to me and she wet the bed farther down on the end. I'll just block that off with pillows tonight - and NO water after dinner.
I fed her early as we'll be going over friends at 4pm....of course, she is coming too!
Full belly and all played out after a romp outside, she is sleeping now.
We arrived at my friend's house about 5pm and Shiloh was good in her crate. She whined pitifully for a little while, but settled down to sleep. I think she was a bit nervous there as it was a strange place and lots of people. Cinnamon (one of the resident cats) was not thrilled. Shiloh just wanted to sniff her, but got swiped in the nose for her efforts. Still, she wanted to go back, so I had to keep her away all night. She got cranky - just like a baby who has missed her nap - and I sat with her on the floor downstairs until she fell asleep. Later she was a "nicer pup" and enjoyed prancing around with a big pink bow in her mouth.

Feb 28, 2000
We started our day early - 4:30am. Shiloh did well last night with her smaller sleeping area, but she still had to plop on top of my head and pillow :)
A couple of naps later, she had a long playtime chasing her little stuffed chicken Mary Kay gave her yesterday. Hope she sleeps a while now as I really need to get some work done here.
She does not seem to care for my office, so I let her sleep upstairs and I check on her in 20 minutes. Sometimes she is up already and hunting for me when I get upstairs - and then her little tail wags when she sees me :)
Today Daddy brought home a little ball for her. Well, she had such a great time chasing that around, pouncing on it, and growling at it when it got stuck in corners. She wore herself out so much, she sat in her water dish! Luckily, it was empty.
Had a bit of trouble getting the stinker to bed as she kept jumping off the bed - not good for her legs at this age. But we finally settled in - until 1:30 am.

Feb 29, 2000
At 1:30 am, we had to go outside and then Shiloh wanted to play. I brought her little chicken into bed and she chewed on that a little while. She got me up at 4:30 by stretching all over my head and pillow, so I took the hint :)
Today she met Mr. Vacuum. She sniffed it first and then I took her to her bed while Daddy started it. She was ok with it for a while, until it came too close - then she wanted outside and played there.

Mar 1, 2000
Happy 8 week Birthday! Yes, Shiloh is 8 weeks old today and this is the beginning of her fear-avoidance stage. She was very good last night and we went out at 2am. She wanted to play then, so I let her crawl in my lap and chew her pig treats until she got tired again. She won't be able to do that much longer the way she is growing, so I am savoring every minute of it.
Her ears are fully erect now. She has changed in just the 5 days I have had her.
I awoke with her soft neck on my hand and we began our day at 6:30. She played in bed a while and I let her as she was holding her urine and that is always a good sign! Then we went out, ate our breakfast, went out and played, peed, and pooped. It has been very windy here the past 3 days, but today is sunny and calm and there were lots of birds out. Shiloh noticed the raven flying overhead, saw the cardinals in the apple tree, and tried to chase the two robins which came flying in low.

Mar 3, 2000
Doctor's visit today - Shiloh is 10 pounds, in good health, and got her first shot of the second round. Next appointment is Mar 17.

Mar 5, 2000
Shiloh was such a stinker - and so cute today. She awoke from an early nap and came down the stairs by herself to find me. It was such a nice surprise - although I did search the house to see if there were any "other surprises" :)
It was warm and sunny and we spent a lot of time outside....and Shiloh discovered that she can walk on the pool cover. She proceeded to bark at the pump and drink/wallow in the water which was on the cover. She had a great time - all THREE times. Surprisingly, she cleaned up very nicely.
I notice that she always lays down next to me, inside or out, and that she seems to need that now.

Mar 7, 2000
Shiloh comes down the stairs by herself now, but I still have to listen for her as she fell down a few this morning. It's a good thing puppies' bodies are so flexible! She has also found hours of enjoyment in chasing her tail. She still chews on hands, but the worst is the legs and feet. When summer comes and we wear shorts, this will be a problem. I keep telling her 'no' but it hasn't had much of an effect yet.
She still eats dirt and that worries me. I asked her vet but he said puppies will do that in areas of children and other dogs. Shiloh eats the dirt from the flower pots and inside plants - and 'Rista was never in those.

Mar 10, 2000
Shiloh has just grown and grown. Her body is elongated, legs longer and stouter, her gray coat is coming in, and the ears are still sprouting! She loves to sleep under my desk now or along the wall, but it seems she is not that comfortable, so I have to get her another bed for down here. I spend my whole day here and now Shiloh does too. It is so nice to have her here with me. I love it when she first wakes up and I hear the thump-thump of her coming down the stairs to find me. I go to the doorway and get on the floor with my arms open and she comes running with her tail wagging. She licks my face and I kiss her soft head. It is so nice to have a home with a sweet Shepherd Girl in it :)
Today she discovered snow. She had such a great time eating it, jumping around and chasing her tail. She was so busy playing, that she did not pee, so I have to wisk her upstairs when she wakes up.

Mar 11, 2000
Got some photos in the snow this morning and later we all went out to Petsmart to pick out another bed for Shiloh. A salesgirl gave her a pig piece and she happily chewed that all the way home.

Mar 15, 2000
Today is Shiloh's 10 week birthday!
We have been busy "fighting" for the past few days as she still bites, but that is her only flaw. She is so good about everything else. She will drag herself up the stairs to go to the door to be let out, but she still needs to go out during the night. I can't wait for her to sleep through the night - like any new mother!
We go out a lot and try to burn off that energy with the 2-liter bottles and a soccer ball. That usually gets her going on my feet and legs, so before summer arrives, I had better come up with a solution.
Today I ordered some Bitter Apple and Simple Solution - pet repellants - and hope those will help with her biting. The only thing that stopped her was a smack to the face, but I hated doing that.
With the help of treats, I taught her to come and sit in only two tries. Well, she will do anything for food! ...although she did not eat all of her dinner last night or breakfast this morning. I wonder if she is getting finicky because her lunchtime meal has all the added goodies. Well, if she is hungry, she will eat her food.

Mar 16, 2000
Snow and sleet all last night and today. Shiloh ate all of her breakfast, but did not poop outside and ended up going on her pet bed - very unusual. Well, we got that cleaned up and she has a fresh, clean bed now. She got better about going out in bad weather and we had an ok day.

Mar 17, 2000
Vet visit today and Shiloh is 17.7 pounds. She gained almost 8 pounds in the two weeks. Jaime came home from school today and she had a great time bothering him :)

Mar 19, 2000
Jaime gets all the tail-wags :) Shiloh is just entranced by him (pictures). She was really good last night and got through the night - well, until 5 am! I got some work done early. Shiloh will sleep behind my chair, on the wheels, and under my desk (where she will outgrow that space soon), when I am at the computer.
She is so cute today...she did battle with a broom, chased some flies, took on a pine cone, relaxed in the sun, raced down the stairs growling at her stuffed lion...and wore herself out.



Mar 26, 2000
Amazing how the time gets away from me. Jaime has been home all week on Spring Break and Shiloh has just delighted in bothering him. The last two nights were a bit hot for her and I had to turn on the ceiling fan to give her a breeze.
She sleeps through the night now until about 5 or 6 am, goes outside, eats, and then turns into Cujo, the Hound From Hell. Wild! All that dog hears lately is NO.
She still needs to be watched as she thinks nothing of wandering off and peeing or pooping in the house - and she knows better! I think it will get easier as we ease back into our schedule here when Jaime leaves tonight.

Mar 27, 2000
Another day of getting into trouble....she had peed and pooped, eaten and was tired, so I did not think too much of it when Shiloh wandered into the den. But then it was too quiet for a while - you know, just like with toddlers. When I went in, there she was, chewing the carpeting off the stairs! I am seriously considering Ridalin for her. LOL
Daddy bought her a pool today as she likes water so much. He could not find anything bigger than this sandbox, but it's fine for now and Shiloh had a great time in the water. Another picture.


April 1, 2000
Another vet appointment today and Shiloh now weighs 24 pounds. She was wild today with lots of energy as it rained and she spent most of the day indoors. I really want to find a herding class for her as she is a natural. I run with the broom and she chases it, but watches any pattern I use and then cuts through to meet the broom!
I finally got my own domain name, something I have wanted to do for a long time. I'll need to reorganize this site before I move it - hopefully, for the last time! The new address is: http://4thmoon.com/






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