Beanie Poems A-G




Ally the Alligator
When Ally gets out of classes,
He wears a hat and dark glasses,
He plays bass in a street band,
He's the coolest gator in the land!


Ants the Anteater
Most anteaters love to eat bugs,
But this little fellow gives big hugs.
He'd rather dine on apple pie,
Than eat an ant or harm a fly!


Baldy the Eagle
Hair on his head is quite scant,
We suggest Baldy get a transplant,
Watching over the land of the free,
Hair in his eyes would make it hard to see!


Batty the Bat
Bats may make some people jitter,
Please don't be afraid of this critter,
If you're lonely or have nothing to do,
This Beanie Baby would love to hug you!


Bernie the St. Bernard
This little dog can't wait to grow,
To rescue people lost in the snow,
Don't let him out - keep him on your shelf,
He doesn't know how to protect himself!


Bessie the Cow
Bessie the Cow likes to dance and sing,
Because music is her favorite thing,
Every night when you're counting sheep,
She'll sing you a song to put you to sleep.


Blackie the Bear
Living in a national park,
He only played after dark,
Then he met his friend Cubbie,
Now they play when it's sunny!


Blizzard the Tiger
In the mountains where it's snowy and cold,
Lives a beautiful tiger, I've been told,
Black and White, she's hard to compare,
Of all the tigers, she is most rare.


Bones the Dog
Bones is a dog that loves to chew,
Chairs and a table and a smelly old shoe,
"You're so destructive" all would shout,
But that all stopped when his teeth fell out.


Bongo the Monkey
Bongo the monkey lives in a tree,
He's the happiest monkey you'll ever see,
In his spare time he plays the guitar,
One of these days he will be a big star!


Britannia the English Bear
Britannia the bear will sail the sea,
So she can be with you and me,
She's always sure to catch the tide,
And wear the Union Flag with pride.


Bruno the Dog
Bruno the Dog thinks he's a brute,
But all the other Beanies think he's cute,
He growls at his tail and runs in a ring,
And everyone says, "Oh, how Darling!"


Bubbles the Fish
All day long Bubbles like to swim,
She never gets tired of flapping her fins,
Bubbles lived in a sea of blue,
Now she is ready to come home with you!


Bucky the Beaver
His teeth are as shiny as can be,
Often used for cutting trees,
He hides in the dam night and day,
Maybe for you he will come out and play.


Bumble the Bee
Bumble the bee will not sting you,
It is only love that this bee will bring you,
So don't be afraid to give this bee a hug,
Because Bumble the bee is a love-bug.


Chip the Calico Cat
Black and gold, brown and white,
The shades of her coat are quite a sight,
At mixing her colors she was a master,
On anyone else it would be a disaster!


Chocolate the Moose
Licorice, gum and peppermint candy,
This moose always has these handy,
But there is one more thing he likes to eat,
Can you guess his favorite treat?


Chops the Lamb
Chops is a little lamb,
This lamb you're sure to know,
Because every path that you may take,
This lamb is sure to go!


Claude the Crab
Claude the Crab paints by the sea,
A famous artist he hopes to be,
But the tide came in and his paints fell,
Now his art is on his shell.


Congo the Gorilla
Black as night and fierce is he,
On the ground or in a tree,
Strong and mighty as the Congo,
He's related to our friend Bongo!


Coral the Fish
Coral is beautiful, as you know,
Made of colors in the rainbow,
Whether it's pink, yellow or blue,
These colors were chosen just for you!


Crunch the Shark
What's for breakfast? What's for lunch?
Yum? Delicious! Munch, munch, munch!
He's eating everything by the bunch,
That's the reason we named him Crunch!


Cubbie the Bear
Cubbie used to eat crackers and honey,
And what happened to him was funny,
He was stung by fourteen bees,
Now Cubbie eats broccoli and cheese.


Curly the Bear
A bear so cute with hair that's curly,
You will love and want him surely,
To this bear always be true,
He will be a friend to you!


Daisy the Cow
Daisy drinks milk each night,
So her coat is shiny and bright,
Milk is good for your hair and your skin,
What a way for your day to begin!


Derby the Horse
All the other horses used to tattle,
Because Derby never wore his saddle,
He left the stables, and the horses too,
Just so Derby can be with you!


Digger the Crab
Digging in the sand and walking sideways,
That's how Digger spends her days,
Hard on the outside but sweet deep inside,
Basking in the sun, riding the tide!


Doby the Doberman
This dog is little but he has might,
Keep him close when you sleep at night,
He lays around with nothing to do,
Until he sees it's time to protect you!


Doodle the Rooster
Listen closely to "Cock-a-doodle-doo",
What's the rooster saying to you?
Hurry, wake up sleepy head,
We have lots to do, get out of bed!


Dotty the Dalmation
The Beanies all thought it was a big joke,
While writing her tag, the ink pen broke,
She got in the way and got all spotty,
So now the Beanies call her Dotty!


Early the Robin
Early is a red breasted robin,
For worms he'll soon be bobbin',
Known as a sign of spring,
This happy robin loves to sing!


Ears the Rabbit
He's been eating carrots so long,
Didn't understand what was wrong,
Couldn't see the board during classes,
Until the doctor gave him glasses.


Echo the Dolphin
Echo the dolphin lives in the sea,
Playing with her friends, like you and me,
Through the waves she echoes the sound,
"I'm so glad to have you around!".


Erin the Bear
Named after the beautiful Emerald Isle,
This Beanie Baby will make you smile,
A bit of luck, a pot of gold,
Light up the faces, young and old!


Fetch the Golden Retriever
Fetch is alert at the crack of dawn,
Walking through dewdrops on the lawn,
Always golden, loyal and true,
This little puppy is the one for you!

Flash the Dolphin
You know dolphins are a smart breed,
Our friend Flash knows how to read,
Splash the whale is the one who taught her,
Although reading is difficult under the water!


Fleece the Lamb
Fleece would like to sing a lullaby,
Please be patient, she's really shy,
When you sleep, keep her by your ear,
Her song will leave you nothing to fear.


Flip the White Cat
Flip the cat is an acrobat,
She loves playing on her mat,
This cat flips with such grace and flair,
She can somersault in midair.


Floppity the Lavender Bunny
Floppity hops from here to there,
Search for eggs without a care,
Lavender coat from head to toe,
All dressed up and nowhere to go!

Fortune the Panda
Nibbling on a bamboo tree,
This little panda is hard to see.
You're so lucky with this one you found,
Only a few are still around!


Freckles the Leopard
From the tree he hunts his prey,
In the night and in the day,
He's the king of the camouflage,
Look real close, he's no mirage!


Garcia the Tie-Dyed Bear
The Beanies used to follow him around,
Because Garcia traveled from town to town,
He's pretty popular as you can see,
Some even say he's legendary.


Gigi the Poodle
Prancing and dancing all down the street,
Thinking her hairdo is oh so neat,
Always so careful in the wind and rain,
She's a dog that is anything but plain!


Glory the USA Bear
Oh say can you see,
Glory's proud of her country,
Born on Independence Day,
This bear lives in the USA!


Gobbles the Turkey
Gobbles the turkey loves to eat,
Once a year she has a feast,
I have a secret I'd like to divulge,
If she eats too much her tummy will bulge!


Goldie the Fish
She's got the rhythm, she's got the soul,
What more could you want in a fishbowl,
Through the sound waves Goldie swam,
Because this goldfish likes to jam.


Gracie the Swan
As a duckling, she was confused,
Birds on the lake were quite amused,
Poking fun until she would cry,
Now the most beautiful swan at Ty!


Grunt the Razorback
Some Beanies think that Grunt is tough,
No surprise, he's scary enough,
But if you take him home you'll see,
Grunt is the sweetest Beanie Baby!


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