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It all began in the country just outside of Kansas City on one January night.

My foster family knew I was special from the very beginning as I was one of only two pups in the litter and my brother was stillborn, so I started out as an only child....loved and spoiled.

My foster Mommy was worried that I would find a home that would love me and spoil me too, but when I was 6 weeks old, my new Mommy was looking for a little Shepherd girl (like I am), and she found me! (I think she also drove my foster mommy crazy with the phone calls and emails)

I have good food: Iams Large Breed Formula Puppy Foodicon which helps me grow into a big German Shepherd Girl, and I get vitamins, yogurt, eggs, and mackerel -- yup, the fish! My foster Mommy is making sure I grow up strong.

Mar 26 - my favorite things are wading in the pool cover water and then finding dirt and dust to lay in, chasing flies and robins, eating everything I am not supposed to, chewing everything I am not supposed to, and following Mommy everywhere!
I took my first walk on a leash today - though why I needed to be tied up to a human, I just don't know. I could have had fun running all over and finding more trouble to get into. Anyway, it's really hot for me here as I have all that fur and I was exhausted when we got back. Mommy took me out to a shady part of the yard to rest a while. See my picture today.



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