Alton Bay



Not much here folks -- not even a drug store! Alton Bay is really part of Alton - and Alton is made up of 4 areas: West Alton (on the Western side of the Bay), East Alton (on the Eastern side), Alton Bay (at the tip of the Bay), and Alton itself (which is off the lake by a couple of miles). This gives Alton the dubious honor of having the most road miles to take care of! At the tip of the Bay is a stream which provides good salmon fishing. All the anglers stand on the bridge there and one year when Jaime was younger, I had to drive him in every day so he could fish there.

I never really go into this town because all the shopping is done in Laconia. The town sign features a train, because as you enter it, the old train station is right there, on the lake. In its heyday, there were daily trains from Boston, bringing in the visitors. There are only about 5,000 people year-round (locals), but in the summer, all the lake towns swell 3 to 10 times the local population as the summer residents come in. This all ends very abruptly the day after Labor Day and it gets very quiet again.

Below is a photo of the Bay, looking northwest. That structure in the middle of the water is the Bandstand - not that I have ever seen any musicians swimming out there to perform!





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