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Where I used to live on Planet Earth.
Here you will find a little bit of history -
how NH came to be.



Some History:

New Hampshire is a small State in the Northeast corner of the United States, known as New England. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Massachusetts, Vermont, Canada, and Maine.
In 1623, Captain John Mason sent some men into what is now New Hampshire, to establish a fishing village. And so, settlement began in the current towns of Rye and Dover. The state is named after his native English county of Hampshire.
It became a "royal province" in 1769 with John Cutt as president, and in 1698, it came under the jurisdiction of Massachusetts with Joseph Dudley as Governor. Thus it continued until 1741, when King George II made it a province again with its own governor, Benning Wentworth, who was its chief magistrate from 1741 to 1766. His nephew succeeded him and is best known for buying a 36 mile tract of land along Lake Winnipesaukee, which he named Kingswood - and which later became Wolfeborough (now Wolfeboro). The school district which includes Kingswood school in Wolfeboro is called Governor Wentworth. My son, Jaime, used to take some classes there every day (as well as in Alton).
Just as it was the first to declare its independence and adopt its own constitution, New Hampshire was the ninth and deciding state in accepting the National Constitution as that of a republic, never to be known under any other form of government. New Hampshire's John Langdon was the first acting vice-president of the United States, and was President of the Senate when Washington was elected first president. The 14th President, Franklin Pierce, was born in Amherst, NH, where we used to live before moving here.


~~~~For more information on the Presidents, NH, and all the 50 States, please visit 50 Heartlands and US Commanders-In-Chief.




Lancaster, NH

White Mountains National Forest


Neighbor to the North - Canada

Massachusetts - Neighbor to the South

Neighbor to the East - Maine

Vermont - Neighbor to the West



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