Amazona ochrocephala

My classifications pages here include: the Amazons Classifications Page, this Amazona ochrocephala (yellow-headed Amazons) subclassifications page, and an African Greys Page.

Since I'm an Amazona ochrocephala, here are the further classifications of that branch:


Amazona ochrocephala - The Yellow-Headed Amazons

Official Name:

Psittaciformes / Aratingidae / Amazoninae / A. ochrocephala....and:

Subspecies: A.o. ochrocephala; A.o. xantholaema; A.o. natteri; A.o. panamensis; A.o. auropalliata; A.o. parvipes; A.o. belizensis; A.o. oratrix; A.o. tresmariae. (further classified below)

A.o. ochrocephala IE: Yellow-crowned Amazon (ME!)
I Yellow-fronted Amazon
I Yellow-headed Amazon
IG: Surinam-Amazone
I Gelbscheitel-Amazone
A.o. auropalliata IE: Yellow-naped Amazon
I Golden-naped Amazon
IG: Gelbnackenamazone
A.o. belizensis IG: Gelbkopfamazone
A.o. nattereri IE: Natterer's Amazon
IG: Natterers Amazone
I Gruene Amazone
A.o. oratrix IE: Double Yellow-headed Amazon
I Mexican Yellow-headed Amazon
I Levaillant's Amazon
IG: Gelbkopf-Amazone
I Grosse Gelbkopf-Amazone
I Doppel-Gelbkopf-Amazone
A.o. panamensis IE: Panama yellow-headed Amazon
IG: Panama-Amazone
A.o. parvipes I ??
A.o. tresmariae IE: Tres Marias Amazon
I: Tres Maris Yellow-headed Amazon
IG: Tres Marias Gelbkopfamazone
A.o. xantholaema IE: Marajo Yellow-headed Amazon
IG: Marajo-Amazone


Habitat Range:

Generally dry forest areas, but sometimes tropical rainforest, up to 700 m. They also come into the cities.

A.o. ochrocephala: N-Para (Brazil), Guayana, Trinidad, to Meta in Colombia
A.o. xantholaema: Marajo Island, Amazonas
A.o. panamensis: NW-Colombia south to Panama and Archipielago de las Parlas in the Pacific Ocean
A.o. natteri: S-Colombia, E-Equador, NW-Brazil
A.o. auropalliata: NW-Nicaragua along Pacific coast to SW-Mexico (Oaxa)
A.o. parvipes: Along Carribean coast from NE-Nicaragua to NE-Honduras
A.o. belizensis: Carribean coastal regions of Belize
A.o. oratrix: Carribean and Pacific coastal regions of Mexico
A.o. tresmariae: Islas Tres Marias (Pacific, W-Mexico)

Length: 35 - 40cm; Plumage general green; forehead, lores and crown yellow; red shoulder. In A.o. natteri only forehead yellow; A.o. auropalliata forehead, lores and crown green, yellow nape, shoulder green; A.o. parvipes like auropalliata but red shoulder; A.o. oratrix whole head and chin yellow, shoulder red to yellow; A.o. tresmariae like oratrix but more yellow on nape and breast. Bill greyish-horn-colored; legs grey; iris orange; brown in A.o. ochrocephala.

Nutrition: Fruits, seeds and berries.

Breeding: In the northern range the season starts in December/January and later in the southern range. Incubation time 26-28 days fledging after 65 days.

all information from Online Book of Parrots

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