amazona ochrocephala
(my real name - AKA)
Yellow-Crown Amazon

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Here are a few of my shots - - - there are 4 photos on this page - - - I know it's a lot to load, so you had better be a birdlover, or very patient - - - but I'm so cute!
And hold on folks - this is only page 1!!


Strolling I love to wander around
outside, sampling bark
and dirt; I even know my
way back and will waddle
to the front door to go
back in!
And yes, I need to chew -
and paper is paper, right?
I routinely go through a paper
bag a day as I like making
holes in it and throwing the
bits around. It's fun!
Now it's bath time, and
I LOVE the water. I have to
stand on the faucet waiting
to be sprayed or I have to
flick the water in my cup, just
to clue in those clueless humans!
Bath time
Wet Birdie Upside-down birdie,
drip-drying! Aren't I cute??




Yes - these are my real feathers!
background and hr by

(which means "parrot" in German)