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Since I'm sure many visitors will have African Greys, I have included the African Grey page from the Online Book of Parrots. My classifications pages here also include: the Amazons Classifications Page, and the Amazona ochrocephala (yellow-headed Amazons) subclassifications.


Psittacidae / Psittacinae
Genus Psittacus:
Psittacus erithacus - The African Grey Parrot

Official Name(s):
Psittaciformes / Psittacidae / Psittacinae / Psittacus / P. erithacus

Subspecies: P.e. erithacus; P.e. timneh
P.e. erithacus IE: Grey Parrot
I African Grey Parrot
I Congo Grey Parrot
IG: Graupapagei
I Jako
P.e. timneh IE: Timneh Grey Parrot
I Maroon-tailed African Grey
IG: Timneh-Graupapagei


Habitiat Range:
W- and Central Africa, P.e. timneh from S-Guinea to W-Ivory Coast; P.e. erithacus from SE-Ivory Coast to N-Angola, including the Congo Basin. Isolated populations on Islands Principe and Fernando Poo in the Guinean Gulf.
Hanging out along the rivers and mangrove swamps within their range.

Length: up to 37 cm (P.e. timneh about 30 - 32 cm); Plumage general grey, lighter on lower parts and back of the body. Face covered with tiny, fur-like white feathers. Crown-feathers grey, edged with white. Tail bright crimson red in P.e. erithacus, maroon in P.e. timneh. P.e. timneh is darker colored in general.
Some variations with red feathers scattered randomly over body, "socks" and wings also occur. Bill totally black in P.e. erithacus, upper mandible in P.e. Timneh horn colored with a dark tip; legs grey; iris greyish to yellowish grey.

Fruits, seeds, berries and nuts (esp. Elaeis guinesis). Cultivated crops are also raided.

The season varies within the great range. The clutch consists of up to five eggs.



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