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Avalon Aviary Bird Art
Lexicon of Parrots American Federation of Aviculture

Play a lottery with Parrots!

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Hotspot For Birds Birds n Ways
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Canadian World Parrot Trust Cockatoo Listserv Page
The Cockatiel Cabin The National Cockatiel Society
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International Aviculturists Society Majestic Macaws
NetVet Parrot Preservation Society
Pet Bird Chats The Pet Bird Cage
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Up At Six Aviaries Online Book of Parrots
New England Exotic Bird Sanctuary
Bird Placement Program
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Harmony Animal Hospital's World of Pets
Laugh, learn, share, and explore at this award-winning site.
Pet care library for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic pets, pet loss support resources, postcards,
classified ads, fun, games, contests and cool stuff all from this AAHA-accredited animal hospital.



Personal Bird Pages Links:

Kritters in the Mailbox
(beautiful bird figurines)

Michael & Sandy Valinsi's Page

Gayle & Chris' Feathered Friends


Quick sign petition


An Appeal For Feathers

If you have feathers you will throw out,
please send them instead to:

Feather Collection
c/o Su Egen
2233 E. Hawthorne St.
Tucson, AZ 85719

They will be used in the Tohono O'odham
and the Hopi ceremonies.
Please visit Su's page and also see her birdies!



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