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Thomas was born in Staten Island (well, actually Brooklyn), New York, and was a regular kid - I think....check the childhood early shots in the Olde Tyme Photo Gallery.



50s Rebel
As a rebel of the 50s, he spent some time in the Midwest (Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma), racing cars and motorcycles, riding rodeo, and generally causing trouble along with Jerry Livingston. (Hehe...had to say that...Hi Jerry!) Here he is with his mother, sister, and brother in the early 50s in Nevada.

Thomas has spent all of his working life in the field of cars and airplanes. He's worked for manufacturers such as Alfa-Romeo and Mercedes-Benz as a service rep and technical training instructor. In the early 80s, we started our own business, Hampshire Leasing...

We dealt in high-line and exotic cars such as the LM-002 pictured here. Jaime thought it was cool! (but it really was a very rough ride).


Anyway, HLC was doing well, that is until the FDIC closed 17 banks up here and we lost our three credit lines. With no credit lines, we couldn't do any deals and the business folded. It was a few tough years and then when you think it can't get worse - it did; Thomas had a stroke in April of 1996.

Life changed drastically and now we have to move. Life is a challenge, isn't it? Thomas cannot fly any more but still builds his models even with one arm. He tinkers with his 32 Ford Coupe (on this background) and has done a lot with it. (Personally, I liked the 33 Chevy we had.)

The rest of the cars-boats-trains-and planes are at Thomas' site Tom's ToyBox. It's one the earlier sites I did and it needs an overhaul, which I shall get to - eventually.


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