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I guess this is the part where I tell you about myself -- I was born in Canada, grew up in New Jersey, moved to NH 22 years ago. Seems I am getting ever closer to my birthplace<g> Actually, we thought we'd be moving to Florida but Fate had other plans. Thomas had a stroke in April '96 and life has been very different since then. That is why we have to move - the winters are just too hard on him and he stiffens up to the point where he cannot walk. So, it's off to another adventure!


Our NH place was in a "resort area" and in the summertime, we had wall-to-wall tourists - around 10 times the normal population! Added to this we had NH International Speedway a few miles away, so race weekends were very busy as the drivers flew into Laconia airport and the big semis brought in the cars. In stark contrast, the day following Labor Day everything stopped and the peace and quiet was so welcome.

Check my Winnipesaukee Page for seasonal photos and general lake information. Also check the New Hampshire page for historical info.

Well, all that has changed now - I am in the Sunflower State now - Wichita, Kansas. Made the 1840-mile trek with dog, bird, son, and hubby - and no one was thrown out along the way<g> I have been working on new pages and they are finally done. Check out my new Native Section: The Kaws, The Wichita, Plains Indians, with more to come. I have great old pictures up.

After the May 3rd tornado, I now have another new section: Tornado!

As to my likes - I LOVE computers, otherwise why would I be typing right now? I have done over 30 sites and would love to figure a way to earn money at this. I love Nature and definitely could not live in a city. Now, my mother thinks I am nuts as she has to be within traveling distance to New York City. I grew up in New Jersey - that's enough city for me, thank-you-very-much. Unfortunately, I'm in a city now, but nothing lasts forever.

I consider myself to be a spiritual person. Many very difficult times have brought me the evolutionary point at which I am. I look at it this way - hard times can add depth and compassion to your life - or it can collapse you into bitterness. It's our choice. My mantra has become: "This too, shall pass."

I was fortunate to come across a Net job and worked as a Powerboating Guide for three years. Now I run the Contests & Sweepstakes site for

I have a separate Graphics site at Papagei Studios with backgrounds, fonts, and all sorts of goodies. That's what I do for fun - when I have time.

And in keeping with my "Nut" status, I wrote up a small, but basic, HTML Tutorial. A year ago, I never thought I'd ever do that! I'm even thinking of bringing a selection of fonts in...but one thing at a time<g> [Update: check the holiday fontbats in the Holidays section!]

Ok, I suppose I have come to the obligatory self-portraits. I'll assume you have seen the cute baby shots in the Olde Tyme Photo Gallery - if not, head on over there! Below are more recent ones.



In NH, on my favorite "toy"
- after my computer!

The 1995 Stanley Cup Party.
(That's Bobby Carpenter holding the cup.)
me & mom
My mother and me.


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