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Closest to the Sun, Mercury deals with our reasoning abilities, how we gather and interpret data, and all forms of communication. It is how we think - are we quick to jump to conclusions?, do we weigh all the facts before making a move?, do we stick with one train of thought?, or do we find something new? Mercury shows where the mind is very active; where it is busy collecting, sorting, classifying, analyzing, and communicating regarding the house affairs. It shows where and when and how you communicate best.

Mercury is the natural ruler of the 3rd House of short journeys, siblings, and communication. It is also the natural ruler of the 6th House of daily work, habits, and health. In Roman mythology Mercury was the god of trade and profit, merchants and travelers.

The Ancients and modern astrologers, both, consider it neutral, being neither masculine nor feminine, positive nor negative, as it takes on the qualities of whatever it aspects (comes in contact with). As the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, it is clever, facile, adaptable, and represents the mind, intellect, education, writing (and other forms of communication), transportation, short trips, siblings, and the immediate environment.

Physically, Mercury rules the nervous system, breathing, movement of the tongue, hands, coordination, sense of perception, memory, and the conscious mind.

For colors, gemstones, and metals, Gemini is associated with lemon yellow, slate blue, violet, and purple; the gemstone agate; and metal of mercury. Virgo is associated with deep blues, dark grays, and browns; gem of sapphire; and the metal of mercury.



Astronomical data:


While Pluto is the smallest and Venus is the hottest, Mercury is the densest planet, with its interior dominated by a huge iron core. Evidently the core is partly molten, since it must act like a dynamo to generate Mercury's weak, but Earthlike, magnetic field. It is surprising that the core's heat has not all leaked into space through Mercury's thin mantle.



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